Trump at Wembley

Farage who supported Trump on one of the most negative presidential campaigns in history has been keeping up appearances.

Is Trump likely to return the compliment? When Trump visits the UK next, Farage could be who he goes to meet first.

Could we see a Trump Rally at Wembley Stadium?

The New York Times reports that Trump has expressed an:

‘interest in continuing to hold the large rallies that were a staple of his candidacy. He likes the instant gratification and adulation that the cheering crowds provide, and his aides are discussing how they might accommodate his demand.’

Trump at Wembley may not be such an unlikely event. It may not be unlikely, because the Stadium hosts one of the USA’s biggest exports, NFL International Series. It may not be unlikely, because it wasn’t long ago that Wembley welcomed the controversial Indian PM Modi to a sold out Stadium. It may not be unlikely, because the developer behind the regeneration scheme around Wembley Stadium is owned by Lone Star, the Texan investor (Texas, traditionally Republican, overwhelmingly voted for Trump).

Would the Mayor of London welcome Trump to the capital? Would the Leader of Brent Council welcome Trump to Brent?

On the weekend, Farage:

“visited Trump Tower to talk ‘freedom and winning’ with the president-elect. Farage used the opportunity to suggest a bust of Sir Winston Churchill should be put ‘back in [the] Oval Office’.”

UKIP interim leader is first British Figure to meet the president-elect, Donald Trump finds time for Nigel Farage