Wembley Park uses its outdoor space to appeal to fearful shoppers

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The government have given the green light for some businesses in hospitality and personal services sectors to re-open on the 4th of July.

Wembley Park’s restaurants and cafes will be joining the great re-opening from the 4th of July but with a focus on alfresco dining.

The alfresco dining space will be double the size this summer, this is to avoid serving indoors which carries a greater risk of coronavirus infection.

‘Working closely with Brent Council and its food and beverage tenants, the developer has agreed a strategy to create an alfresco dining destination across the largely pedestrianised 85-acre estate.’

‘Additionally, table seating will be installed to allow visitors to enjoy socially distanced takeaways from many of the food and beverage operators, while operators including Boxpark, Bread Ahead and Black Sheep Coffee will expand their outdoor seating provision.’

This week the Prime Minister reduced the two-metre social distancing rule to ‘one metre plus’ however it is up to restaurants whether they make this change or stick to the two-meter rule.

Restaurateurs though have been left with the burden to collect and record personal details from customers, to support the test and trace of coronavirus cases, based on new Government rules.

Even though lockdown is being eased, many customers are still not prepared to take the risk and it will be far beyond July the 4th until high streets and shopping centres resemble some form of normality.

Shoppers who choose to stay away from the high street can still support local businesses by using digital gift cards to purchase future meals, coffee, haircuts etc. Conveniently local businesses offering digital gift cards can be found in one place on Help High Street. Find and support your favourite local business now.

With Wembley Park being pedestrianised and based outdoors, it will appeal to visitors who are looking to avoid indoor spaces such as Brent Cross and Westfield. Indoor spaces are feared to have higher risks of Coronavirus transmission, Brent Council approves plans to extend Wembley Park’s alfresco dining space.

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