1 Olympic Way extension approved by Brent Council

1 Olympic Way

Planning permission for the 1 Olympic Way extension has been approved by Brent Council. 

The former office block which is being converted into 227 units will now have an additional 119 residential units added thanks to the extension. In total the development will comprise of 346 apartments resulting in a 15 storey tall block.

The scheme will see the creation of 119 self-contained flats by way of a 7-storey rooftop extension to the existing building to create 90 flats.

Erection of a rear extension to the existing building to create a new 15 storey block (including a 2 storey under-croft for vehicular and pedestrian access) will create 26 flats and converting the existing 8th floor office space will create 3 flats.

The height has been carefully considered to be lower than the 21-storey Victoria Hall north east of the site.

New contemporary aluminium windows will be introduced giving the façade a more residential look replacing the old metal windows for a newer fenestration giving the cladding a sharper finish to the building.

Where are the balconies?

With the growing trend of converting office space to residential, we’re now seeing more apartments without balconies. During the pandemic, where I’ve been confined to my apartment for months on lockdown, my balcony has given me outdoor access while still being able to social distance.

CityLab, explores this topic in some detail, A Lesson from Social Distancing: Build Better Balconies

“There are a lot of benefits to balconies from the perspective of livability, lovability, mental health, and the enjoyment of living in urban settings — even before the pandemic…they connect homes in higher-density cities to the streets and to the outdoors.”


‘As people are weeks into their city and state stay-at-home orders, that advantage has become apparent now more than ever. Balconies symbolize new kinds of freedom — to embrace social isolation without feeling trapped, and to enjoy fresh air without worrying about breathing in the virus.’

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