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Good news!! I’ve actually seen a cleaner after all this time! Only she wasn’t really doing much cleaning in fact she was siting on top of Henry (the Hoover) having a good old chat on the phone right in the middle of the corridor. Wish...

Group Note Response From LRM

A few weeks back I published Group Note which intends to use social media to organize collective action. I would like to thank all the residents who were proactive and took part, I hope you received a response (the response I received follows).

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This Weeks Unwanted Junk Mail

Residents who throw their unwanted mail on the floor please stop and think for a second! There are bins in the court yard less than a minute away walk from the foyer. There’s no excuse, just recycle the post and keep the foyer clean for the...

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NorthWest Core bins!

Why is there always black bin bags left to pile up here at the Northwest Core bins? It’s disgusting and seems to be the only bins in the court yard left in this state. This is one way to attract rodents and it’s apparent London is...

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It’s the defects period check (or whatever you call it). Had my place checked today, I wanted to try my hand at asking if anyone else has had any defects in their apartments. The good thing about sharing this, is if you or I have overlooked a...