You can now work from BOXPARK Wembley

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BOXPARK Wembley is offering free co-working space.

Lockdown has left many people with no choice but to WFH (work from home). WFH has been a mixed bag for many, some love it and some don’t. One thing we can all agree on is that after months of doing it, it’s healthy to have a change of scenery so WFB (work from BOXPARK), might pique your interest.

The BOXPARK Wembley workspace area is located on the first floor and will offer the following services free of charge:

Working visitors will have free 4G WiFi, access to plug sockets and charging ports, and plenty of desk space to choose from, making it easy to socially distance from others.

The workspaces will be available from Monday to Friday from 11am onwards. Any local workers using the space between Monday to Wednesday can get 50% off their lunch meal with the Eat Out to Help Out scheme and even treat themselves to ‘after work’ drinks.

If you’re looking to work somewhere nearby that isn’t your living room, Boxpark launches dedicated workspaces for londoners not ready to return to the office.

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