Trump Rally at Wembley

The idea of Trump coming to Wembley, was first suggested here on Wembley Blog on the Block.

Now it’s being reported that Trumps advisors and senior Foreign Office figures are seriously considering the idea.

“The US President’s officials are reportedly investigating plans for a rally at the stadium when he pays a State Visit to Britain later this year.”

Last week Trump was banned from appearing at Parliament by Commons Speaker John Bercow; though it has to be said that this ban works in favour of the POTUS. The Trump campaigns have long had an anti establishment flavour and prefers to address huge rallies where people are spoken to not politicians. Maybe the parliament ban was a move by the establishment to snub Trump before he snubs them?

There’s lots of talk surrounding this event including that tickets could raise money for the Royal British Legion and NFL cheerleaders could perform. Maybe cheerleaders from New York Jets, which are owned by billionaire Woody Johnson, who Trump has picked as his ambassador to Britain.

Blog on the Block was first to coin the idea of a Trump Rally at Wembley, if this goes ahead it will be a historic and yet controversial moment for the US / UK special relationship.