ArchiveApril 2012

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Dodgy kitchen electrics

I previously posted about this, but does anyone else have the problem of the GX53 bulbs around the kitchen counter lasting about 2 weeks then blowing? I’m down to 2 out of 11 bulbs still working after changing about 7 over a year. Also does...

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Family Mosaic Survey

Did anyone else receive a call today from a company called Vision One Research on behalf of Family Mosaic? It included closed and open ended questions about service charge, A.S.B. and cleaning. I can tell you now that most of my responses were down...

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Bin Offence

Worst bin offence I’ve seen in a long time. A heap of wood topped with the base of a birthday cake thrown for other residents to see. Residents who live on the bottom floor, have a lovely view of this heap, how considerate. Can LRM please...