Wembley Park Residents in Asbestos scare

Local residents were horrified to witness a cowboy demolition of buildings known to carry asbestos by a small business owner in Wembley Park.

Owner of Arena Mini Market, a commercial unit on the ground floor of Alexandra Court in Wembley Park, used a labourer to rip apart an old bike shed and garage, known to have asbestos under its corrugated roofs.

Local resident Tim Roberts said:

It was a windy day and possible asbestos fibres were flying around a densely populated area.

The small business owner denies of any asbestos being present because his friend told him it was ok.

Families took their children away to safety, abandoning their homes to stay with family, all because of one careless shopkeeper.

Residents were also concerned for the labourer’s health:

Witnesses said, the labourer, wore no mask – he was breaking this material in a confined space. We tried to explain to him the danger but his English was poor.

Although residents urgently sought the help and advice from local authorities on the 6th of October, the day this happened, a week has passed with no response.