Wembley Market’s International Food Court Reimagined

Jimmy’s World Bar & Grill recently had a launch for their new restaurant at the London Designer Outlet and I was invited to sample the opening. Initially it was not easy to find as the entrance is tucked away in the folds of the outlet but you can’t miss it on the outside because the signage can be seen from outer-space.

Two glamorous ladies adorned the door but could not find my name on the guest list, I resorted to the contingency of my phone’s screen. After they read the email’s bling VIP invitation, I made my way up the staircase, which is how you access the restaurant. Off to a poor start but things immediately improved once inside, the enormity of Jimmy’s World Grill has to been seen in person, it’s Wembley’s biggest restaurant with 550 seats!

I stood for a moment to take in the views, a panorama of live entertainment, a busy bar and 20 or so chefs at their ‘cooking stations’. Conceptually, this is an all you can eat buffet, serving food from around the world.

Jimmy World Grill people eating and Chinese lion dancer

Noticeably, the interior had a contrasting split, one side conservative in appearance with blue seats and the other had a lively flare, with red seats. This division was also apparent in the mood, we decided not to sit in the sensible blue end and joined the fun noisy bunch in the red seats; right where all the action was.

Multicultural entertainment was bestowed upon us by Indian drummers, Chinese lion dance and the Mariachi Band who you might recognise from the Doritos commercials.

Chinese lion dancer

I couldn’t help but compare Jimmy’s World Bar & Grill and Wembley Market’s popular international world food court; the paradox of shabby market stalls re-imagined as a £1.6 million restaurant.

One thing missing from Jimmy’s World Grill is Caribbean cuisine, anyone familiar with Wembley market’s food court would remember, the “Sweet 2 Di Belly” stall which always had demand and queues.

Jimmy's cooking stations.

The all you can eat experience offered Indian, Chinese, Italian and Mexican, I felt the Indian food stations offered the best selection. Particularly impressive was the chefs grill, within a sniffing distance, meats are grilled right before you.

Having lasted for some time at Jimmy’s all you can eat, I was impressed with the amount of guests still going back for more. Returning to their seat barely walking in a straight line thanks to the free bar, balancing a high pile of food from around the world.

It has to be said, the staff were incredibly attentive, although the buffet requires you do the leg work they were always on hand to assist with the drinks menu.

Jimmy’s World Bar & Grill all-you-can-eat concept is a good addition to the London Designer Outlet restaurant line up. It pairs up very well to multicultural Wembley and a great size for event goers looking for something more exotic.

Disclosure: Blog on the Block visited Jimmy’s World Bar & Grill upon invitation by the restaurant.