Road accident involving Deliveroo rider in Wembley Park

Following early warnings from residents about Deliveroo, there has now been a road accident involving one of their riders.

That didn’t take long, did it? The expansive fast food delivery startup has lured more and more mopeds to this already congested corner of Wembley Park; and now it turns out that one of them has been hit by a car.

Yesterday evening, local resident and Blog on the Block columnist, Tim Roberts witnessed a ’nasty accident’ involving a taxi trying to reverse from Lakeside Way before colliding with a Deliveroo rider.

Roberts said of the collision, “he didn’t move for a while – he had to be carefully lifted with his helmet still on”.

A full spectrum of emergency services turned up, including police, ambulance and fire engines. The accident also happened on the day of UK’s biggest football match of the year, the FA Cup Final; emergency services were already stretched.

Residents have alerted local authorities about Deliveroo moped riders taking over a pitch right outside the Tesco express next to busy residential.

Over a week ago Wembley Park Ltd, the company who own and manage the land around the Stadium responded to numerous complaints from residents about the recent surge of Deliveroo riders taking over the pavements. ‘We are aware of this and are investigating this issue’, they said in a tweet. Since that tweet there has been no further communication with local people from Wembley Park Ltd about this issue.

There is evidence that the problem with Deliveroo’s expansion has doubled with reports of up to twelve mopeds seen parked outside residential, with riders seen belting across pavements outside the entrance of a Tesco express.

It is the responsibility of the local authority to properly risk assess how Deliveroo uses public spaces. Instead of leaving the emergency services to pick up the pieces when things just so happen to go wrong, and it was obvious that this was an accident waiting to be delivered.