Deliveroo rage in Wembley

You may or may not have noticed, but Deliveroo scooter riders have taken over a pitch right outside the Tesco Express on Empire Way, Wembley Park.

It turns out the LDO food outlets have a deal with Deliveroo. Restaurants such as Pizza Express have an agreement in place with the delivery startup to exclusively shift foods to door-steps in Brent.

The scooter riders all have L plates which adds to the rather realistic X Box game they appear to be playing which goes along the lines of try to hit a pedestrian for extra points.

This is an accident waiting to happen – they are having to mount the pavement to get to the bike stands – none appear to take any care – the bike stand is right outside a busy area consisting of Tesco express, the LDO and residential apartments.

deliveroo scooters parked outside tesco

We live on a stretch of road where a 5-year-old boy was killed and an employee of Brent Council was mowed down and killed, both inside 18 months.

Did anyone bother to Risk Assess allowing the bikes to pile up here? If they did then they are clearly a moron. There are no notices or markings in place. I’ve seen one scooter ride all the way up the pavement from Lakeside Way.

Wembley Park Ltd, the company who own and manage the land around the Stadium have responded to complaints, ‘We are aware of this and are investigating this issue’, they said in a tweet.

Wembley Park management large it with lots of “we love the community” spin but in reality are happy to allow boy racers to try to run down the said community – even more sinister when you read the pressure the Deliveroo riders are put under to deliver on time.

Locals especially children and the elderly are now at risk of being run over by an amateur motorist due to the surge in mopeds nesting outside a Tesco express on Empire way.

There has been no risk assessment by Brent Council and this pavement is being misused everyday in broad daylight.

This is not a petty moan – we put up with much round here and the feelings of locals are ridden over / no pun intended.