Brent Central candidates attend Wembley Park Residents Association – AGM 2017

Yesterday, members of the Wembley Park residents association (WPRA) gathered at the Yellow Pavilion for their second Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This year the AGM was joined by Brent Central constituency candidates for the General Election 2017.

WPRA members were treated to an intimate keynote and Q&A with Dawn Butler (Labor), Anton Georgiou (Liberal Democrats) and Rahoul Bhansali (Conservatives). With the hope of being our next MP and only eleven days to go, here’s what each candidate had to say.

Dawn Butler addressing the AGM
Dawn Butler addressing the WPRA AGM

Although an already established Brent Central MP, this was kind of a Wembley Park debut for Butler. Introducing herself as a resident who also lives in close proximity to the stadium, she related to residents by telling stories of her traffic, parking and event related experiences. ‘Labour built the NHS’, Butler reminded us, she then went on to explain how the party plans to rebuild it.

Anton Georgiou addressing the AGM.
Anton Georgiou addressing the AGM.

This young graduate wants to challenge what he describes as the ‘Wembleyfication’ of Brent. He wants to fight for more affordable homes which are often overlooked in the new blocks popping up all over Brent. Georgiou, also touched on a matter that was close to his heart, his parents were refugees from Cyprus when half of the country was occupied by Turkish armies, he wants to fight in the corner for refugees. The Lib Dem candidate also touched on his parties wider manifesto, Europe, social care and education.

Rahoul Bhansali addressing the AGM.
Rahoul Bhansali addressing the AGM.

The Conservative party have assigned another new face for Brent Central, a strategic manoeuvre it would seem; to target those who might be somewhat disillusioned with Labor. This smartly dressed man (think Sajid Javid meets Uncle Fester) with a consultative flair knew how to regale the room with a polished delivery. Bhansali, leaned in on the Spurs Wembley planning application, promising to challenge the decision and went on to swoon attendees with big-society-esque talk about bringing society together and focusing on the economy.

Although neither candidate were convincingly familiar with the challenges brought on by some of Quintain and Brent Councils ambitions; it was nonetheless encouraging that they now recognise Wembley Park as place to campaign in Brent Central.