Cemex who have plant in Wembley could build Trump wall

Trumps controversial policy to build a wall between the US and Mexico has brought attention to concrete supplier Cemex, who happen to have a plant in Wembley.

Cemex are one of the world biggest suppliers of cement and ready mix concrete – they have been touted as a likely supplier in the event of a Trump wall.

In an article about what companies are likely to benefit from a Trump win, the FT hinted the biggest supplier of cement in the US could be used to build an impenetrable wall:

“Mr Trump’s victory prompted jokes recommending piling into Cemex stock”

During the construction of the new Wembley Stadium, Cemex was behind the largest UK concrete operation, which involved pouring concrete non-stop for 20 hours.

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Image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/36593372@N04/