Are you married and live in Brent? A film for Channel 4 are looking for you

A new film for Channel 4 which is all about marriage, are looking for people who might be interested in taking part from within the Brent area.

The reason they have chosen to focus on Brent is that more weddings take place in Greater London than anywhere else in England and Wales – within Greater London, the borough where the most marriages take place is Brent.

The wedding day is just the beginning of a journey that no matter how happy will always have its ups and downs.

Who we’re looking for

We are looking to chat to anyone who either got married in Brent or currently lives in Brent but got married elsewhere. We’re interested in married life from the wedding day to the present day. We would like to make the documentary as inclusive as possible, so being divorced or re-married would not exclude anyone from this film, we would love to speak to people from all different backgrounds and with a range of stories – no story is too big or too small.

We would especially like to hear from people who have video or cine footage of their weddings. This could have been filmed by either a relative, a friend or even a professional.

Are you interested in taking part in a new show for Channel 4 about Marriage, contact Blog on the Block.

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