Coast to Coast American Restaurant closes in Wembley 


Is the sign that greets passers-by at what used to be Coast to Coast before closing in September.

Customers queried about the sudden absence of Wembley Coast to Coast on the chains website.

NFL football fans who the restaurant was popular with got emotional.

Quizzical responses ensued.

The questions come with good reason, as according to TripAdvisor, it was in the top 20 restaurants in Wembley.

Has Coast to Coast gone with the NFL? Wembley Stadium no longer has exclusivity to the American Football franchise International Series. The NFL will now be spread across three London venues, Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur’s new multipart stadium which is planned to open in 2018.

Another possible reason could be that its brand was too sports focused so during sporting events benefited from the footfall. On non sporting event days, which was most days of the year, compared to the other outlet restaurants, Coast to Coast was empty, it didn’t appeal to Mum’s and families.

So what restaurant should replace Coast to Coast? It’s a big ask but a Wembley Dishoom would be a no-brainer (dream on).