Queues at London’s largest pizza festival leaves visitors calling pizza delivery

London’s biggest pizza festival, MySliceFest at Wembley Park yesterday, left visitors queuing up to 2 hours for a slice of pizza.

Visitors turned to Pizza Hut for delivery because they felt it would arrive sooner than waiting in the huge queues that snaked around the car park, where the event was held.

Twitter went into mozzarella melt down when visitors complained about the long queues caused by not enough pizza vendors to go round. Rather than enjoying the event, visitors found themselves stuck in queues and missing the live entertainment.


Nearby pizza restaurants provided refuge to those let down by the Pizza festival

Mobs of people calling for a refund followed



So the event was a good idea but rather than just chasing the cheese, it ‘kneaded’ more pizza dough planning, hopefully the organisers will take this criticism onboard for next time.