Boris and the Brexiters to headline Wembley arena

Boris and the Brexiters not to be confused with another random rock outfit performing at Wembley arena, but then again it’s not really that far off. There are fears that the Brexit campaign are planning a headline appearance at the EU referendum debate, with Remain as a mere supporting act.

To ensure a balanced debate, producers of the BBC event, said they would conduct a “random draw” for the audience on 21 June, two days before the nation goes to the polls.

Applicants will have to declare whether they expect to vote leave or remain on the programme’s website – there is no option to say “undecided” – but critics said there was nothing to stop people hiding their true intentions. Others said the tickets might end up on eBay.

Can this debate still be credible or is a hijacking inevitable, BBC rejects fears EU referendum debate could be hijacked.

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Brexit historians say:

The distinctive character of the UK is rooted in it’s largely uninterrupted history since the middle ages – Professor David Abulafia

‘England’s semi-detached relationship with continental Europe is neither new or an aberration – Dr David Starkey

Remain historians say:

It is difficult to know where to start when engaging with a narrative the profession abandoned decades ago – Professor Neil Greggor

The narrative is too focused on political history and the nation-state. The lives of ordinary people were much more fluid – Dr Renaud Morieux

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