Wembley Christmas Market 2014

This year has not only seen the return of Wembley market but also its first ever continental-style Christmas market.

From rows of wooden chalets trading treasures of festive goods, a Wembley ice rink and a visit from the Coca-Cola truck.

When the former Wembley market closed a heartfelt comment was left about the old days of Wembley market at Christmas time:

“I know alot of people who used to go to Wembley market at Christmas to buy wrapping paper etc. It is the end of an era for me and alot of my friends.”

Let’s see if the addition of a daily Wembley Christmas market is enough to lure back the former Wembley market friends who use to shop here for gifts and wrapping paper?

Wembley Christmas Market Pictures

Not off to a good start, spot the typo in the signage, oops:

typo in Wembley Christmas market signage

The rear of the Coca-Cola truck greeted shoppers yesterday as it ended its Christmas tour and parked up on Boulevard Way beside the Wembley Christmas Market.

Wembley Coca Cola truck 1

Shoppers took to their camera phones for a Coca-Cola truck photo opp.

Wembley Coca Cola truck 2

Number plate reads ‘SANTA1’.

Wembley Coca Cola truck 3

Coca-Cola’s little helpers were offering free cans of coke to shoppers in need of a sugar-rush.

Wembley Coca Cola truck 4

Beyond the cola truck a row of warm looking wooden chalet stalls are buzzing.

Wembley Christmas market view

German sausage with mulled wine will set you back about £10.

Wembley Christmas market German  Steak

Bailey’s hot chocolate was popular, will cost you £4.00.

Wembley Christmas market Baileys Hot Chocolate

Hats and scarves galore.

Wembley Christmas market hats and scarfs

Crepes in demand, was one of few stores with a queue forming.

Wembley Christmas market crepes

Ideal gifts soaking up passing trade.

Wembley Christmas market gifts

At the end of the Christmas market is the Ice Rink, very popular with families and couples.

Wembley ice rink 1

Don’t laugh! Everyone’s a beginner at some point and most of us fall flat on our face first too.

Wembley ice rink 2

Wembley Christmas market is something new and interesting to do in Wembley and brings a festive continental touch to a new audience, open daily from 12pm – 8pm until the 28th of December.

Did you used to go to the former Wembley market during Christmas? Tell us what you think about the new Christmas markets in the comments.