Bring Me The Horizon Fandom

Got to give it up for Bring Me the Horizon fandom, camping outside Wembley Arena to be first in queue for tomorrow’s gig.

BMTH are a young metal band from Sheffield, who have proved that a band with a metal sound can make it mainstream.

Bring Me The Horizon! They replied when I asked what they were queue-camping for in this rain and cold. Huddled together and prepared for the elements with duvet’s, they may wake up with a frozen pinky toe but to fandom of this calibre, it will be a battle-scar, well-earned.

I spoke with one of Wembley Park’s private security who said he doesn’t understand how they can sit in the rain and that he’d rather not be here either.

BMTH have recently returned to the UK after touring Asia last month, their tour ends in London at SSE Arena, Wembley.