Is there anyone that has the answer? Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?


Over the past 4 years I have tried to get to the bottom of the parking restrictions forced on residents that live in Quadrant Court.

I have made countless calls to Sisk, Brent, my housing association & LRM.

No one has listened or seem to care.

Wembley has made leaps and bounds in development but have somehow forgotten the people that live in the surrounding area.

Since the gym and LDO have been built. There has been a huge surge in visitors. My self and many other residents of quadrant court have found it near impossible to park. Those of us that are renting seem to have been left to fend for ourselves.

Over the past year I have sat in my car for over an hour waiting for a parking space, spent at least £100 on event day parking, sat in traffic at midnight on an event day for nearly 2 hours.

While moving my car from the train station car park to Manor Drive (on a normal day less than 5 min drive), left my children unattended in my flat while I walk to the train station amongst drunk event day fans to collect my car, had food thrown at me by a drunk fan whilst going to get my car, an annoyed resident from Mount road verbally abuse me & my children & threatened to call the police if I  parked in a spot they were saving for a friend.

Family /friends that drive having to turn around and go home because they can’t find parking. The list goes on and on. As another event day looms. Can anyone give me an honest answer as to what I can realistically do?