Stonebridge Market Closed After 4 Months

Stonebridge market has closed after operating for only just four months.

Brent council was like:


Then four months later, they were like:



The sudden notice from Brent council is related to development work needed to be carried out on the land which the market was operating on.

An urgent inspection on the water supply infrastructure must be carried out before development begins on the residential blocks, student housing, a community leisure centre and the Stonebridge Park Hotel, all to be built on the former Unisys site. An artist’s impression of how the redevelopment will look is pictured below.


Reactions to the news on Wendyfairs Facebook page included (The post follows):

That’s awful…after all this time of not having Wembley market….so now only after few months again….no market!!!! Spoil sports !!!

its a shame they want this market closed down permanently.Many of us don’t support this idea.Brent council should think about it again.


Wembley market goers and traders waited 5 months for Brent to grant the market operator a new location to trade. Even Ketan Sheth the Tokyngton ward Brent councilor celebrated the return of the market on Twitter:

However, the new location which was abandoned by Unisys over 17 years ago provided no parking spaces for customers. In comparison to Wembley Stadium, which provided an abundance of parking space, this has proved difficult especially for disabled customers.

A plan for a new artisan Wembley market was recently abandoned after it was agreed to be managed by new operators, Market Place Europe Ltd.

Four months ago, I asked the question “In 2016 when the Unisys scheme is redeveloped, will Wendyfairs have to find a new home once again? Well the answer has come a lot sooner, Hanger Lane anyone?

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