Firefighters Arrive at London Designer Outlet

This morning around 2 a.m. the London Designer Outlet’s notorious alarm went off and staff were suddenly running around doing everything in their power to manage the situation.

30 minutes deep into the early morning eardrum assault, a resident furiously marched over in his dressing gown and slippers to confront staff about the disturbance. Outlet staff seemed to quickly placate the understandably hostile resident who then marched back to wherever he came from.

A woman popped out of GAP Outlet to also quiz staff, I’m assuming she was on a night shift, either that or just so happens to live there when its closed.

IMG_1167 copy

I then noticed a whiff of what can only be described as burnt barbecue burger relish.

Sirens ensued and firefighters arrived, although there was no visible evidence of a blaze.

IMG_1164 copy

Allegedly, the firefighters dealt with a problem at Frankie & Benny’s.

Updated 3rd June 17:00hrs:

The alarm was caused by a small amount of smoke that was produced from a piece of grease drainage equipment located in the kitchen area of one of the LDO restaurants.

The production of smoke resulted in the activation of a smoke detector, there was no actual fire within the restaurant.

The outlet’s on-site security team alerted the London Fire Brigade who attended to ventilate the kitchen and to investigate the cause.