Why There Won’t be a New Wembley Market

Market Place Europe will no longer be operating the new Wembley market. The announcement comes as a surprise, the gourmet stalls were expected in spring.

“Market Place regretfully announces that they are extremely disappointed that they will no longer be planning to operate events or markets within Wembley Park.”  they said via their blog.

Market Place also apologised to traders who had planned to operate via the popular Wembley Park and wished them luck in finding alternative venues.

Last year, local press unveiled that new operators were taking over, which was the only positive thing they’ve wrote about the original bargainista bizarre.

Local news coverage prior to that has only focused on its reputation for fake Gucci handbags.

Quintain and the London Borough of Brent offered Market Place the opportunity to operate its continental markets at Wembley Park but it is unclear what has since happened. To have a market and the London Designer Outlet both busy enough with trade was possibly an oversight in planning.

Market Square, the beautifully tree lined space between the Civic Centre and Olympic way, was going to be the new market’s home. Could it be, that the ‘yet to be announced’ tenants of the unused commercial space facing Market Sq, objected to the idea of a continental market trader perched outside their store?

Meanwhile, Stonebridge market (formerly Wembley market) appears to be making itself at home, despite the parking problems.

So the plan has since changed, is Wembley too upmarket for a local flea market?