Ed Plays by Himself Inside Wembley Arena

This is not what you’re thinking; Ed Sheeran having a concert and no one shows up.

Well the fact of the matter is that Ed busks in an empty Wembley Arena in a video for his new single “One”.

A melancholic atmosphere is created from the one man acoustic drowned in a 12,500 seat arena. Someone forgetting to flip the light switch adds the kind of extreme self-harming loneliness that you can only achieve as a hostage in an abandoned warehouse. Spotlights dancing about cheer things up a bit during Ed’s strumming and heartfelt words.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see a musician perform alone in Wembley Arena, watch the video at the end of the post.

Another singer was in town today, Peter Andre, not of the same calibre as Ed Sheeran, but loved nonetheless, especially by mum’s.

Here to open the LDO Play Park, a children’s facility located opposite the iconic Wembley Stadium.

The popular reality TV star tweeted:

As you would expect, lot’s of mums turned up and the event was a success.

Anyway, back to Ed: