LDO Turns Down The Volume

Residents of the mixed-use-development have found the noise caused after business hours unneighbourly. As a result of resident feedback about the disturbances from deliveries and escalators left to run 24 hours; the London Designer Outlet have confirmed the following changes:


Have been stopped between 10pm  – 7 am.


Sun – Wed: On between 7/8am – until 11pm

Thur – Sat: On between 7/8am – until midnight.

Guests leaving outside of these times will be using the stairs.

The LDO’s welcomed response will help manage residents expectations and provide some consistency. Our feedback also stops the LDO wasting energy by turning off its escalators when not in use.

Are you happy with the delivery times? Are you surprised it took residents to raise awareness about the wasteful escalator usage, left to run 24 hours a day? Let us know.

David Goodwin has been blogging since 2010 and is the author of Blog on the Block where he covers civic & social topics. Goodwin hosts the podcast, Pod on the Block. He is the founder and company director of user experience consultancy Uxfam Ltd.

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