Electric Run London Review

Not so long ago, Blog on the Block revealed that Electric Run was coming to London, so here are my thoughts on how it all went.

As the evening rolled in, pockets of Wembley Park were lit up by spot lights which were dotted around Olympic Way. Market Square’s trees were made fluorescent and in the misty distance, leading towards Wembley Stadium, strange structured lands could be made out.

market sq wembley park

Electric Run volunteers waved glow sticks directing participants pulsating with glowing beacons of sorts and brightly coloured 70’s disco wear. Event goers arriving to see Jeff Dunham at the Arena were evidently confused and kept their distance.

With an estimated 15,000 people expected to attend the event, I collected my race pack beforehand from an Electric Run pop-up store conveniently located at the London Designer Outlet. This was the best way to avoid queuing for too long just to collect your stuff.

Crowds snaked off from the Civic Centre car park densely filling Olympic Way which was lit by neon pillars and arches. Watching the huge screens and taking selfies were the thing to do whilst waiting for each chunk of the crowd to be counted down and sent off from the start line.


IMG_1156 copy

A DJ at the start of the course supplied the music, playing dance and disco anthems. Above the DJ and crowd stood a tower, housing the host and his assistants. They worked up the crowd and made it rain with glow sticks resulting in people diving for the fluorescent tubes as if it were money. The effect glowing things can have on human behaviour is quite astounding!

The electric run london start line.

Adorned in flashing Kanye-esque shutter shades and finger torch rings, I was ready. Arriving fluorescently late, I joined the last wave at about 9:45, counted down in unison and we were off. If you can call it that? Hardly off to a flying start as most people appeared to be walk-dancing, taking selfies or running towards me.

Neon looking runners at Electric Run London

So, I attempted to treat this as a 5k regardless, I started running reaching upper tiers of the Stadium, I then found myself compelled to stop and take selfless, just like everybody else.

The neon effects were at their brightest during the last race, it was impossible to not stop and capture it all. Running the 5k was like weaving through crowds of tourists on Regent St.

IMG_2162 copy

At some points it was difficult not to go off-piste as the route was unclear due to bottlenecks of participants taking group pictures or standing around. More volunteers with glow sticks to usher participants along would have helped with any of the disorganised moments.

Electric run london's tunnel

Overall, I found the course was varied and well laid out with a clever use of the Stadium’s space. The atmospheric tunnels were popular causing near gridlock and after the finish line, food trucks and stage of music followed.

IMG_2164 copy

Did anyone else in Wembley attend Electric Run? If so, how was it for you?

IMG_2165 copy 2