Disturbing Sounds From The Golden Toilet

Yesterday an alarm was left to sound-off for many hours, once again disturbing Wembley Park residents in the middle of the night.

The harmful high-pitch alarm signal came from the golden public toilet located on Empire Way.

The alarm belonging to the £250,000 toilet was left to wreak havoc on our eardrums for over 72 hrs, with no-sign of stopping.

The lauded loo which was recently featured in The World’s 10 Best Public Toilets, is located opposite York House, where the outlet’s control centre is based. So I  phoned them but was told that they’re not responsible for the alarm and don’t know who is.

The abject thing about my discussion with the outlet was that even though they were aware of the alarm they did nothing about it. Although the public-toilet isn’t their concern, the fact an unpleasant alarm can be heard by all the families shopping nearby is reason for urgency.

Earlier this week another alarm disturbed residents yet again in the early hours, this time from Tesco Express Quadrant.

If these recent disturbances have also kept you awake at night do get in contact with Brent Council to raise awareness and implement a 20 minute cut off on these alarms:

Noise Complaint Form

Are these disturbances a problem? Let us know anonymously in the comments.

Update 26/05/2014:

The Head of Service Recycling and Waste has responded, confirming the cause and solution to the problem. The noise, it would seem, is a panic alarm which doesn’t feed into a local services. As a result, it cannot be deactivated remotely and requires simply pushing the panic button manually.

The maintenance team will put a notice up displaying who to contact if the alarm is enabled in future.

It will also be arranged for the suppliers to re-programme the alarm so that it cuts out after a certain time.

Good news, to finally hear how to turn it off, although, a DIY job will be tempting should it go off again. However, you will be charged to enter the toilet to do so.

Update 22/09/2014:

The latest decision has been to close the 24 hour cubicle every night at about 19h00 / 20h00 until about 06h00 / 07h00 the next morning. This will a) result in an evening check 7 days a week to check and switch off the alarm if required and b) ensure that the alarm cannot be triggered between 20h00 and 06h00.

Picture source: @Denzeen

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