The Outlets Ongoing Noise Pollution

The London Designer Outlet (LDO) is once again upsetting residents with noise pollution at unsociable hours.

The LDO was initially designed and planned as a mixed-use-development, so it ought to cater not just for commercial but also for residential and student accommodation.

My immediate point, however, is judging by the noise pollution caused, the schemes mixed-use ambition is not very convincing. Sure, it would be acceptable if its proximity was further afield from residential. However, this is not the case, the outlet is embedded into a large residential and hotel complex.

On several occasions now, I have had to make complaints about the cherry pickers that make painfully loud beeping noises, the cleaners driving on carts and the torturous, piercing, brain cell destroying alarms left on loop for hours on-end.

While the LDO is gearing up its Mother’s Day campaigns, I sure do hope the retail-professionals have all the mothers and children in their thoughts who can’t get a decent night’s sleep due to the noise pollution.

I spoke with retail-professional Sue Shepard, the Centre Manager at the London Designer Outlet.

She confirmed that security (the men who drive up and down in the Wembley City branded off-road vehicles) are not meant to allow shop fitters on to the complex at unsociable hours.  She also promised to look into and tackle the issues but a month has gone by and nothing’s changed.

Locals took to twitter:




The alarm which was sounding off in the early hours today 2am was said to be a fault and being dealt with.

If you have any issues you can contact the control room: 0208 912 5221

Photo source: @BryanRoberts72