Stonebridge Market

Wembley market has moved from the shadows of the iconic Wembley Stadium to the derelict backdrop of the Unysis building.

The move is part of a wider initiative to regenerate the Stonebridge area, which includes redeveloping the Unisys building and Bridge Park Complex into housing, a hotel and a new leisure centre.

Stonebridge station with Wembley Stadium in backdrop

Wendyfairs and their customers waited for months for a decision on when and where they can start trading and consuming again. Brent have identified an opportunity to inject some community-spirit into the dilapidated space abandoned by Unisys over 17 years ago.

It wasn’t so long ago that local papers were disproportionately publishing negative crime-related stories about the Stonebridge area. So, I’m sure most people would agree that moving Wendyfairs operation from Wembley to Stonebridge is finally a positive story for this part of north west London.

Man on platform of Stonebridge Park station

Local campaigners say that when the development is finally complete, it should not give its address as Wembley, like Tesco Extra and IKEA have done. To truly benefit and support the area, new schemes should use the more accurate location name of Stonebridge rather than ride on the coattails of Wembley. This also applies to Wendyfairs who should now refer to this operation as Stonebridge market.

New Wembley market

As previously mentioned the new Wembley market is now under new management with plans to open the market opposite Brent Civic Centre in the spring.

In 2016 when the Unisys scheme is redeveloped, will Wendyfairs have to find a new home once again? The answer’s probably yes, maybe next time it will be Hanger Lane.


Photo sources: RaygunGot, Trambus, kpmarek