Electric Run London

Electric Run makes its début in the UK, the alternative 5k hits London on 26 April 2014.16,000 participants are expected to get psychedelic in this nighttime extravaganza; held on a weekend in Wembley Park, where an electric wonderland awaits running revellers.

Launched earlier this year taking place in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore to name a few, has attracted 300k participants.

Whether you’re a walker, runner or raver you’re expected to turn up like you’ve just walked out of a nuclear reactor. Expect to see light shows in tunnels, neon trees and cactus, all climaxing with a main stage for twilight twerking. A sound scape by the electronic dance music pioneer Deadmau5 will be pumping throughout the event.

electric runners in neon lights

Wembley Park is no stranger to hosting themed running events, earlier this year, it hosted Colour Run, the happiest 5k ever. The sold out event brought 15,000 participants to run around the urban backdrop of London’s expansive Wembley Stadium and then passed disused warehouses on a nearby old trading estate.

Colour Run had participants looking like they’d just attended the Hindu festival of Holi. Electric Run, will have them looking like the cast out of the sci-fi classic, Tron. Dulux fittingly sponsored Colour Run so maybe some energy company will seek to sponsor Electric Run.

To find out more information visit Electric Run UK.

Are you attending Electric Run? Did you get messy at Colour run London last year? Participate below.