Wembley Market Opening Again, But . . .

Wembley Market is to open again but will be managed by a different operator. Wendyfairs Market will be superseded by Market Place who specialise in high quality continental and gourmet food markets.

Old Wembley Market

A local newspaper reported that the new Wembley market operators have pledged to stay a counterfeit free zone. The press coverage about the old Wembley market seemed to be one-sided; only focusing on the counterfeit problem. Although people who actually visited the old Wembley market saw that it had much more to it. Offering a cheap, albeit rough around the edges, day out.

Wendyfairs have confirmed they are still looking for a new patch but this can’t possibly be in Wembley, can it? It would seem strange to have 2 competing markets in Wembley. Then again, why would it? You can have 2 coffee shops facing each other, why not 2 markets in the same area? On different days, maybe the old Wembley market could move to the furthest nether region of Wembley just to keep its name?

New Wembley Market

Expect to see more presentable stalls, themed, similar to what you might find by Southbank’s food markets. Below is a photo I took which looks over Southbank’s food market –

IMG_0146 copy

Market Place’s debut, will be a Christmas themed market, the dates were originally from the 12th – 15th of December but have been “cancelled due to continuing development works” as confirmed on their website.

It won’t be the first artisan market to trade in Wembley. Over a year ago on Wembley High Rd, I visited a French Normandy Market, which offered locals some great food from across the channel.

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And over to you…

Will this be an excuse to visit Wembley market after not doing so for many years? Will you bring your mum back to Wembley? #BringMumsBackToWembley

Or will you stay loyal to the Old Wembley market and continue to support where they go next?

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