Wembley Cineworld Evacuated

I was in the middle of watching Gravity (for the second time) being jostled about in my D-box seat. Annoyingly, I had couples either side of me moving from one D-box seat to another, wondering why it’s not working for them even though it worked for everyone else. If those couples are reading this, YOU NEED TO RESERVE A D-BOX SEAT, IT’S NOT FREE.

Everyone in the cinema came back down to earth from the following announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen there has been an incident, please leave the building at the nearest exit”

Staff then appeared, standing by the entrance, simply pointing us to walk away from them and work out where the fire exits were. Streams of people exiting the 9 screens caused near  grid lock down the stairwell.
We had no idea where we were going. Frustrated people turned to Twitter:


Things turned rather uncomfortable when everyone reached the fire exit, only to learn it was locked! At this point it felt claustrophobic as more and more people arrived from the 9 screens, the exit space appeared full to capacity, with the toilets being used as a place to wait.


“OPEN THE DOORS” shouted a man after one member of staff whimpered through the crowd to find out what we already knew; the fire exit doors could not open.

The only member of staff present made no attempt to put us at ease, it was beginning to feel quite dangerous. He then disappeared, we were held there for what seemed like 15 minutes.

To everyone’s relief, staff eventually directed us to a useable exit. What I want to know is why did it take staff so long to find it?

Fresh air at last, level 1 filled with people waiting for staff to explain what’s happening. You’re probably wondering why people waited? Well, this is Wembley and people are not going anywhere if they’ve already paid!


Eventually, staff appeared on the above level and announced we can return to the cinema. This was well received with cheers and whistles from the crowd. One man who was clearly beside himself with joy decided to run up a downward moving escalator, much to everyone’s satisfaction, he fell flat on his face when he reached to the top!!!

All in all, this was a poor evacuation and put people’s safety at risk, what with being trapped in a packed passage way. The public in attendance were a peaceful, patient and passive bunch, Wembley Cineworld should thank them for not running for the exits or panicking.

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