The Exorcism of Brompton Road Ghost Tube Station

As with any paranormal activity, it is unwise to confront it, just turn pale and run.

Unless that cold gust of ghost is worth a hot investment, then naturally you’ll want to jump in bed with it.

That’s what entrepreneur, Ajit Chambers did when he saw an opportunity to resurrect London’s 20 disused Tube stations into tourist destinations. He’s the owner of The Old London Underground Company who had hoped to add Brompton Road to their portfolio of ghost Tube stations.

The dream, to turn what was once Winston Churchill’s command bunker into a publicly owned tourist attraction.

The reality, it begun with bidding wars and then fights ensued. Brompton Road has been exorcised and sold for £50 million. The buyer is a mysterious Ukrainian billionaire and will be turning the ghost ridden station into glinting apartments.

Lost and found

All is not lost for Ajit’s ambitious project; The Old London Underground Company has made progress with the disused Down Street. Found on the Piccadilly line but lost after closing down in 1932. Down Sreeet was also used by Winston Churchill and his war cabinet during WWII.

Expect to hear a lot more about companies wanting to turn the following disused stations into usable spaces (or foreign ownership):

Aldwych Tube Station Piccadilly Line

One of the few ghost Tubes, opened up for public viewing. Lost in time, with platforms not used since 1914 and shafts containing lifts from 1907 embedded.

Featured in films such as Atonement, V For Vendetta, Superman 4 and 28 Weeks Later. The National Gallery used one of the platforms as storage in WWII.

Marlborough Road Tube station on the Metropolitan Line.

Replaced by St Johns Wood station (before the Jubilee line came about), it closed in 1939.

Lord’s Tube station on the Metropolitan Line.

Similar fate as Marlborough Road, replaced by St John’s Wood.

South Kentish Town Tube Station Northern Line

Closed in 1924 due to very low passenger numbers.

North End Tube Station Northern Line

This station was unfinished and never actually opened. An ambitious plan sought to make it the deepest of the underground Tubes.

York Road Tube Station Piccadilly Line

Poor people who inhabited this area did not have the means to use this station much prompting its closure in 1932.

See all disused stations on this London Ghost Tube map:

London ghost Tube map

Getting there from Wembley park:

From Wembley Park take the Jubilee Line Line to Green Park. Change to the Piccadilly Line going westbound and get off at Knightsbridge. From there, it’s a ten minute walk to Brompton Rd. Total journey time 43 minutes.