Dear residents living on site of London Designer Outlet village

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Please bear with us while we work through this extended time to reach the opening deadline of October 22nd. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to hang in there through the drilling, scraping, loud conversations and banging after midnight.

If you’re having trouble sleeping it might be because we’re making loads of noise, despite our workers laughing and singing after midnight, we can assure you that they’re not having a party and really are hard at work. On the other hand, maybe you can’t sleep because you’re excited about the opening of London Designer Outlet and it actually has nothing to do with the hammering at 2AM.

Here are five tips to help you sleep:

  • Try some camomile tea.
  • Start counting sheep (bah!).
  • Watch some paint dry.
  • Knock back a bottle of wine.
  • Listen to some panpipe music.