Wembley Market Moving To Hanger Lane?

Breaking: Wembley market could be hanging up its reigning title and relocating to Hanger Lane. An unhappy market trader expresses grief about moving to Hanger Lane and whether loyal customers will hang around?

The market is a valuable part of Wembley, stretching back to the early 70’s and still going strong today. Like many of you, I have early memories of this place; as a kid in the 80’s, waiting in anticipation at the weekend to go down to the market to get spoiled with cheap battery operated toys that I would only break a few days later. Or in the 90’s, seeking some jacket emblazoned with American football team badges. Whether they were counterfeit or not I had no idea, it was the 90’s, a completely different era.

On recent occasions going to Wembley market in the 00’s, it has been to join the queue for a Sunday helping of jerk chicken or other world food.

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Wembley market operators Wendy Fair haven’t confirmed where they’re moving to; although they have revealed on their site “The best news is that when the market moves we will be open every week”.

In the shadow of Wembley Stadium the market has always been closed during event days.

Quintain who own the land around Wembley Stadium which in partnership with Brent Council and London Development Agency is behind one of the Capitals most ambitious regenerations. I’m sure you’re hearing more about London’s first Designer Outlet the Wembley LDO, which is opening up for business following the Sunday market departure.

Share your early memories of Wembley market or discuss how you would feel if it relocates to Hanger Lane, in the comments below.

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  • I think it’s a selfish and greedy decision of the landowners to call a day on the market , who wants yet more boooooring designer outlets , I hope it’s a big flop for them and they have to put a bulldozer through it , rip wembley market always loved and never forgot

    • James we are not dead Wembley Market has moved to the Wembley Trading Estate 2 mins walk away. See you Sunday, hopefully it will not rain as much as it did last week. Wendy Fair

        • New Location by Stonebridge Park Station. NW10 0RG. public transport access only, car parking at Wembley Central station or others; see Tfl interactive tube maps for details. Bus 223 or 18; see Tfl spider bus maps for details. C U Sunday for a reunion. Tell your friends

    • New Location by Stonebridge Park Station. NW10 0RG. public transport access only, car parking at Wembley Central station or others; see Tfl interactive tube maps for details. Bus 223 or 18; see Tfl spider bus maps for details. C U Sunday for a reunion. Tell your friends

  • Hi I was most disgusted today to drive from where I live in south London to go to the new market site which was advertised on this web site as being open again too find when I got there the gate’s shut and some security heavy’s in cars and vans on the other side telling everyone who turned up that the market is finished one will be no more also saying that there was not a licence to have a market there so had been closed down there were also sign’s on the fences saying NO MARKET ON THIS SITE there was also a notice on the gate’s to this affect saying that the owners had basically broken in and reclaimed the land what is going on Wendy fair be fair on the market goer’s and trader’s and stop wasting everybody’s time and get it right before advertising that the market was back on again and in full swing I await your reply .

    Let’s get it sorted before the punter’s go else where and nobody is interested in Wembley market.

  • Also gutted to turn up this morning to find the market was gone. Simply told by unhelpful man at parking that i should go online to find out newsorey location so i did and it doesnt look very clear! What’s the new address??? Opening date?!!!

  • just wasted my morning travelling to wembley market… nothing anywhere .. why is there nothing on the internet explaing it is shut down as there is so many people that will continue to waste there time also ..get it right wendy fair and let joe public know whats going on

    • there is no wembley market. i have just got back from bovington market near hemel hemstead today where all the stall owners from wembley are still trading and they dont know what is going as they are still in the dark themselves.. seems like its the end….

  • Hey Guys we are trying to inform everyone what is happening. Website, face book Twitter is updated each week. So Sorry we do not have any more news yet of when and where Wembley Sunday Market will be opening. It is a giant beast to up and move. Bovingdon Market, near Hemel hempstead, is open every Saturday and has a lot of the same traders. Try it for a bargain or two. From Wendy Fair Markets.

  • Sorry,Wembley market is (was) a shit hole more security than a night club. Only 40% of the stalls were (are) any good. No one wanted to part with their money unless car boot sale prices. Yes I will admit you could (CAN) get some nice things there BUT still a dump…..

  • I visited occasionally was a rambling place multi cultural ethnical colourfrul ok for the small necessities in life! Let us know where you are is it Hanger Lane or not if not where are you? As for the counterfeit goods well seems that the whole world is submerged by them worse to come though with counterfeit food……

  • And believe Wendy fairs doing there best.to get it going.been closed affects a lot people.i miss wembley customers and hope to see yew soon.kath

  • OK OK OK it is happening This Sunday 9 March Wembley Sunday Market will be open at last. New Location Stonebridge Park Station. NW10 0RG. No public parking, public transport only, park at Wembley Central station then one stop down, or bus 223, 18. C U Sunday for a reunion. Tell your friends

  • I am Living in the south part of London. I read about where move Wembley market. I go to Stonebridge Park Station last Sunday and was very disappointed it was no market there ”New Location Stonebridge Park Station. NW10 0RG”.

  • Why are you saying Hanger Lane when it is really Stonebridge Park then .Thats almost 2 miles down the North Circular Rd.

  • Where is wemberly market now? As I have looked on diffrent websites and it tells me it’s moved here and moved there I just don’t know where it is. Can someone help please?