Himalayan Folk Rock Band play Wembley Arena

I popped out this afternoon to pick up a few bits from Tesco (as you do) and noticed it was busier than usual; not Stadium busy more like Arena busy (there’s a big difference). I usually keep an ear to the ground for what’s on at Wembley and remembered that a band who goes by the name of Nepathya were playing.┬áThis explained the Nepalese visitors with me in the queue and outside on route to the Arena.

So to help spread the word for those who may not have heard of Nepathya, continue reading:


Nepathya are a Nepalese folk-rock band.


Best known for blending rock & pop with traditional folk music.


Kathmandu, Nepal, is where the band formed.


Have been going since the early 90’s.


The band have an admirable record of promoting peace; having stood in the face of adversity whilst touring in the name of peace throughout a civil war. More than 15,000 people died.



Were you there? tell the world how it went in the comments.


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