10 things about Brent Civic Centre

Brent Town Hall has for decades been known as that sturdy block of bricks with a meticulously well kept garden landscape, built in the 1940’s just off Forty lane. Brent Civic centre will supersede the old town hall and is opening its doors to the public on Monday 10th of June. Here are some good things to know about our new neighbour:

  • 1. Brent Civic Centre is designed by Hopkins Architects who are also responsible for Portcullis House.
  • 2. It cost over £90m!!!
  • 3. Unilaterally, it brings 14 buildings from across Brent councils organisations, together all under one roof.
  • 4. The space includes a town hall, conference centre, wedding venue, public library, cafe and customer service centre.
  • 5. Award winning, achieved the utmost environmental rating and recognised as the most sustainable public building in the UK.
  • 6. Its green credentials include having a boiler which runs on fish oil.
  • 7. Has an enormous roof of inflated cushions, that represents “a metaphor for bringing all of the departments together under one roof”, a concept by Hopkins architect, David Selby.
  • 8. The buildings facade has a distinct timber-clad barrel atrium.
  • 9. The building includes 20 or more spaces for hire such as conference facilities, foyers, amphitheatre, hi-spec boardrooms, winter gardens, galleries to banqueting halls.
  • 10. The building also pivots towards Weddings with spaces supporting three ceremonies simultaneously.

Brent Civic Centre

Brent Civic Centre interior

Brent Civic Centres the Drum

Pictures courtesy of Brent Council on Flickr