Yesterday’s incident


I am a resident of quadrant court and shocked with yesterday’s accident. I understand Wembley is growing but I think council, Sisk and Quinton Developer should be considerate enough to make life of a pedestrian easier. Since Olympics roundabout, as well as lakeside way has become so unsafe, whenever u go out, u have to keep kids tight. Earlier we use to take kids out on lakeside way for a walk etc. Now even while going out for mandatory things we need to be alert. I strongly recommend Council or who so ever responsible to take some action now rather waiting for another incident to happen. I suggest to have traffic lights on roundabout with pedestrian crossing or at least have one more zebra crossing between round about and lake side way. Please advise, I am so devasted with yesterday’s incident. We need to represent this to right person before it’s too later. I am also concerned once the LDO will start how much traffic would be on road.