Giant Timber Tower

Wembley to get a giant 200M tall tower designed by RCA architecture school students.

The Wembley timber tower called the Splinter.

Wembley and the giant timber tower

The design proposal called the Splinter, is for a ‘meanwhile’ temporary buildings competition; Splinter was the most eye catching, out of a dozen ideas put forward.

Wembley could see this tower built on a patch of land next to the White Horse bridge, used by visitors to reach Wembley Stadium.

Splinter takes inspiration from the Watkin’s tower which was built in Wembley over a century ago but left incomplete and demolished in 1907 for safety concerns.


Brent Council reveal the following details:

  • Residents can bid to use the building for up to 5 years to benefit the local community.
  • All designs are on show in the borough until the end of this week.
  • The winning design will be subject to formal consultation through the planning process.

Should architect students be shaping Wembley?

200M Timber tower called the Splinter overlooking Wembley's horizon.

Is the Splinter an end result of Brent Council granting student architects the licence to do what they want to do?

Does the erection of the dark brown wooden tower show any kind of empathy for those who will end up living in it’s shadow for the next 5 or more years?

Could this tower which resembles where Lord Voldemort might live, attract visitors to Wembley and benefit the local economy?

One thing’s for sure, it’s unique to North West London, how many of us in our lifetime will ever see another 200M timber tower.

Comments about the Splinter from around the web:

David Berridge wrote: “Gosh, a phallic tower caught in the process of ejaculating : Obviously RCA tutors lack the critical faculties and mockery of those where I studied.”
Robert Slinger wrote: “200m tall ‘Meanwhile’ tower – I’m sorry, am I the only one to be shaking my head at how stupid this is?”
soane clone [SIC] wrote: “like constructivism gone all rong.”
Munter Roe wrote: “Very masonic that image.”
Richard Lewis wrote “The tower looks great, much better than the Orbit.”

Residents have your say on the Splinter in the comments.