Are you allowed to switch utility provider?

The Guardian has reported an article about landlord / letting agents breaching the law by not letting residents choose their energy supplier?

“Some landlords appear to have struck deals with utilities companies that see the latter pay commission if tenants use their services.”, reported the Guardian.

This may sound familiar to residents who have waited years to receive a utility bill due to their landlords striking such deals.

The article also reports that one in 10 tenants are barred from changing energy supplier and that landlords and letting agents are illegally stopping 10% of tenants switching utility provider.

By law, landlords aren’t allowed to stop residents from changing their energy supplier but most residents are unaware of their rights.

An important question to ask the landlord might be about the feasibility of switching utility provider in the first place? Would there be any property amendments needed, such as cabling or new meters? If that’s the case it might not be possible to change supplier. Although, to get a truthful answer it’s worth asking both the landlord and a technician from your choice of supplier.

Does anyone think that they can get a cheaper deal?