E-petition discussion


Due of the huge response around the recent utility bill outcome I have closed comments on Heating and Hot Water Charges and started a new post; which is to discuss the petition and complaints letter.

The most recent comment from a resident is as follows, “I have received an e-petition to sign regarding this issue, but despite asking Forum House neighbours to sign it, the letter only talks about Quadrant Court. Forum House isn’t even mentioned and quite a few of the problems don’t even affect us or even if they do or we have similar issues, the letter is still only focused on QC’s.

But more importantly, the letter doesn’t treat the water&heat billing problem with the necessary depth, which was the point of this signatures collection. It doesn’t say anything about the silly standing charges calculations, the abusive account set-up and annual fees for EnviroEnergy, etc. It pretty much just asks for the whole bill to be waived, and let’s be realistic, it isn’t going to happen (as much as I’d like it).”