Hangouts – Meeting alternative

Hi all, A quick and important note about meetings. I was interested in looking into ways I could help make meetings easier for us, because let’s face it, when we arrange a meeting, many of us are late or cannot attend. Most of the popular reasons why we find it difficult to attend meetings include:

I was at work
Family commitments
Holiday / Business travel
Tired, it has been a long day and a resident meeting is the last thing I need.

However, the problems with missing a meeting is that you might miss out on important information that matters to you.

Introducing Block Hangouts, I have added a new form for residents to use on the blog that assists in arranging a video chat with up to ten people. Participants can attend the meeting via a desktop, laptop or your smart phone (must download Google Plus app for iPhone or Android); you can be anywhere and still attend a meeting.

On the blog, click on ‘Your Voice’ and from the drop down select Hangouts; complete the form which will help to validate if you are a resident or not, this ensures attendees of the meeting are really Wembley City residents.

So no matter where you are there’s a better chance that you can attend a meeting and say what you feel via an informal residents meeting.

I’ll send out a quick guide at some point on how to set up Google Plus, Circles & Hangouts etc, for those that need it.

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