Heating and Hot Water Bill


Has anyone received the latest bombshell dropped by Family Mosaic?

We have been a residents for almost 2 years at Quadrant Court”. Today I receive a letter from Family Mosaic, apologizing “for the delay in issuing bills to date and for any inconvenienced caused.” as they should. I goes on to say: “Bills should be issued by the end of March 2012”.

Family Mosaic then continue by saying: “We understand that due to the length of time it has taken for bills to be issued, some residents may experience difficulties to pay their bills in full.”That is one thing you can be sure of.

Would just like to know when, how much and where we all agreed to pay for this? Really wonder if it is legal to ask people to pay for something without them agree what for and how much.

Any suggestion on how we should be dealing with this?