Concierge Count Down


Remember this guy?

Many of us didn’t get the pleasure to meet him because shortly after Quadrant Court opened it’s doors, the advertised concierge took a u-turn.

Naturally, a backlash from residents followed, we campaigned for over a year against the failure to deliver the promised concierge.

Communication from service providers has been either inconsistent or non-existant. A perfect example of this is the suprise residents encountered on their way out of Quadrant Court early this week. It would have been nice to let us know in advance that we should expect a small demolition team to be working in the foyer for x amount of days.

Well it is great to know that the extension is finally being built; the modification of the reception area will be made suitable for a 24/7 security/concierge service.

I’ve added a count down on the blog showing the time left until completion.

What are your thoughts?