Hope for Unwanted Mail

The Government is to launch a new website to block junk mail. The new plans wil make it easier for people to stop junk mail by opting out of receiving unsolicited flyers.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman was interviewed by the BBC, she said:

“At the moment, people seeking to block junk mail have to register on each of the Mailing Preference Service, the Your Choice Preference System and the Royal Mail’s Door-to-Door opt-out service.”


“From next April, people will be able to contact a single website to get this done.”

The story continues:

“We have all returned home from holidays to be greeted by a mountain of unwanted, unsolicited mail waiting behind the front door, most of which is thrown straight out”.

“That is why I have struck this deal with the Direct Marketing Association to give people more control over what gets posted through their letterbox but also to make sure that direct mail we do find useful is produced to higher standards.”

As residents we are subject to fast food junk mail so this news is welcomed and a step in the right direction. If you have any ideas on how to stop junk mail please share in the comments.