Dear Genesis & Family Mosaic


Dear managing agents of Family Mosaic & Genesis,

This is to re-visit the action points sitting with yourselves from the meeting we had on 26th October (almost 3 weeks ago)

Points 2, 3, 5 & 7:

Genesis managing agent informed us that on Thursday 3rd November a meeting will be requested with the new property manager from LRM to discuss above points. Can you please let us know what the results were of this meeting?

During the residents meeting we were informed that quotes for the full time concierge/security post will be received by Friday 4th November. Has that happened? If so, can you please let us know what the status is? If it hasn’t happened, can you please let us know what you have done so far to ensure you will be receiving the quotes and what deadline has been specified for receiving them?

Family Mosaic residents were told by FM managing agent that on Monday 31st October he will look into when we will be receiving the gas bills, and to send FM residents a detailed report of the actual balance on the service charge account and also a detailed expenditure report. So far this hasn’t happened. Can you please let us know when this will happen?

During the meeting you both agreed to improve communication with the residents, mainly by using the portal. I’m sorry to see that this hasn’t happened at all.

I’m also surprised to hear that you were aware of this site since the beginning and have been receiving an email whenever there’s a new post, but nevertheless have chosen to completely ignore them.