London Riots a view from Wembley Park

Sick of hearing about the riots? Me too, I’m sure everyone reading this has heard and seen enough, especially after being enlightened that we’re living in a society deemed as sick. Whether or not you agree with that statement, London surely made global headlines this week but for all of the wrong reasons.

Wembley fortunately escaped unscathed by the riots. Not so, for our close neighbour Ealing where rioting took place resulting in an unnecessary, undeserved death.Over the last twelve months or so, Quadrant Court has been a microcosm of some of these events, youths looting our bike store, children damaging / defacing property. In chorus with the rest of Britain we’ve been banging our heads against the wall, asking our service providers and each other why?

Here are a few possible reasons that weigh up the complexities of some of the behavior Quadrant Court residents have experienced.

Social exclusion

This can lead to not making an effort to be part of the community. Some people don’t have respect for others or the space in which they live, sometimes resulting in hostile behaviour or vandalism. Treading on the communal garden plants, children throwing stones (parents nowhere to be seen), writing on walls and even stealing our bikes.

Lack of role models

Having no role models is unanimously intrinsic amongst young offenders. However, many high achievers in life are products of single parent homes.

Weak policing

Looters may be accustomed to the justice system and feel that stealing bicycles will result in little to no punishment. Shrug shoulders, thumb their noses, they will happily do it again, hell yeaaaah, woot, woot.


Allegedly a resident was involved in the bike theft but the rest of us wont know until the police confirm this. Opportunism is a plausible reason as anyone with a fob can access the bike store even if they don’t own a bike.

Despite the variety of comments from the media depicting these events within the far right to the far left political spectrum, one thing is for sure, the only way to solve this is by full community involvement. What are your thoughts, please discuss in the comments below.