St George Wharf


A few months ago I visited a new build apartment complex based in Vauxhall South London called St. George Wharf, designed by Broadway Malyan Architects. It’s situated on the south bank of the River Thames next to Vauxhall bridge and is described as a landmark riverside development. When I think back, these apartments also have a running fountain feature in the court yard. This development has been around a little longer than Forum House, but unlike both Quadrant Court and Forum House today St George Wharf still has it’s fountain feature fully operational.

LRM say both the Quadrant Court and Forum House fountains have been disabled due to the high maintenance costs. Now, going back to St. George Wharf who’s fountain feature is still…..wet, surely these things aren’t impossible to operate, yes there is a cost but wasn’t this identified in the planning stage? I must say I do like the fountain feature and don’t want to see it go. If you agree, please show your support in the comments. Also have a look at some photos of the St George Wharf development below.

One of the commercial units at St George Wharf is a bar and restaurant called Riverside it’s part of the Young’s franchise. The bar is also used to host resident meetings, as shown below they’re discussing topics all to familiar with Quadrant Court and Forum House residents.

I guess they have cleaners who actually clean, look the lifts are spotless!

View from an apartment, unfortunately residents at St George Wharf do not have balconies if their apartments are not riverside facing. This is something to do with security as the new build is next door to the MI5 building.

St Georges Wharf website