Look after your door lock!


I had to change my front door lock because it broke and I could not close the door anymore.
I could not leave my house to go to work because I couldn’t even shut my door.
I have lived here just over six month!

So anyway I called up a few local locksmiths and found a company who dealt with our flats’ door before.
To my horror, he said to me I need to change the whole lock and it will cost me £260 to fit a new one in. And he said, it will more likely break again soon when the door starts warping again because of the structural problem with our flats (well for sure our floor).
Apparently, the corridor temperature is so high and the weather changes the humidity the wooden door will be expanding/shrinking slightly according to the weather. That puts the strain on the lock and it will eventually break.
The locksmith was concerned for me and he didn’t think I should be paying when the building is at fault. He strongly recommended to speak to the management before I go ahead and pay him to get it replaced.

My next door neighbor had the same problem twice and they have written to the developer about this but no luck. Even the locksmith has written a letter to say that there are serious faults and more door locks will be broken at this property.

I called up Wembley City office they said the defect period is over so they can’t help me, they said I should speak to the concierge. And I did but no progress.

So I had to get the new lock fitted because I couldn’t close my door, I even wanted a simple cheaper lock (not a complicated bolted lock) but I apparently have to get this particular one fitted (part of the contract). What’s worse, these bloody locks, you can’t fix them, the mechanism inside is welded so you always have to replace it with new ones (What a con!).

One more thing, all my doors in my flat are so badly fitted they don’t close properly. They fixed it (sanded the door down) when they were doing the defect period fix. However they are not closing again already, that means the building has not settled yet!

Anyway, look after your locks everyone, it will be frustrating and expensive if they break even if it’s not your fault!