Corridor Smoke Vents


Does anyone know why our corridor smoke vents turn on sometimes?

They are really noisy and powerful, the suction makes it difficult to open my front door. It is however, good to know the smoke vents work so-well but should only turn on incase of emergency.

A resident turns it on so they can smoke into the vent rather smoking in the court yard, rumours suggest. Another rumour is that a resident could be smoking illegal substances and thus turns on the smoke vent so neightbours don’t smell it, how considerate. if it’s the latter they will get caught eventually and evicted faster than you can say ‘marijuana’. It could also be a naughty child who likes to press buttons.

I recall that the smoke vent came on this Saturday 2nd April in the evening just after 9pm and it was also on the same day, earlier, morning-time. I wonder if residents are charged every time that someone decides to turn it on, it must use up an awful amount of power.

So a few questions to Olly then, I’ll send this story his way:

1. Who keeps turning it on and why?
2. Does it cost us?
3. How can we stop this from happening?

Any one know any info then please speak up.